What is emergency credit?

Emergency credit is there to help you during times when you can’t get to a Post Office, PayPoint or Payzone, if your meter runs out in the night or if you’re snowed in and can’t get out of your home for a while.

How it works:

When you want to use your emergency credit, insert your key or card into the meter. You’ll then be offered the emergency credit. Follow the instructions on the screen to accept the emergency credit. To return to normal use, you’ll need to charge your card and put the credit back on your meter.

How is emergency credit paid back?

  • Your Pay-As-You-Go meter checks if you’ve used any emergency credit or if you owe anything for a standing charge. When you top-up your meter the emergency credit is taken off your credit balance first followed by any debt you owe on your meter or anything you owe for a standing charge.
  • Your Pay-As-You-Go meter automatically checks if you pay a weekly collection to reduce your debt. You would have already agreed this collection amount with us. If you have this agreement in place your weekly collection amount will be taken first from any top-up that you make.

If you are paying us back weekly through your meter, you must make sure you stick to the payment schedule we have agreed with you. If you don’t, we can ask you to pay us the full amount straight away, or ask you to pay it back to us faster or in a different way. Either way, we will let you know before we make any changes.

When topping up try to make sure you put enough money on your key or card to pay back any emergency credit and weekly collection you might owe and enough to still give you the energy you will need.