Direct Debit Payments

We send you a bill every quarter but that doesn’t mean you have to budget that way. Instead, we can offer you an easier option to pay towards your bill.

This way, you are clear about exactly how much you pay each month.

Paying monthly is a smart way to avoid the costs of your energy mounting up. You can choose to do this via Fixed Direct Debit.

Should I set up a Direct Debit?

Many people choose Direct Debits because they’re simple and convenient. Your payment is collected from your bank account automatically, so you’ve got one less thing to remember.

For Fixed Monthly Direct Debit, you pay a set amount each month. If this is a little more than your actual bills, you’ll build up credit which we’ll return to you before reducing your monthly payments. If your monthly payments are usually too low to cover the energy you use, we’ll write to you letting you know we need to increase your payments so that you don’t build up too much debt.

For Variable Direct Debit, the amount you pay will vary depending on the amount of energy you use. What we would do is after 14 days of issuing the bill, we will automatically take the payment by Direct Debit.

If you’d prefer, you can keep a close eye on your bills. We’ll simply issue you a bill every quarter, which you would be able to pay online, at the Post Office or at any nearby PayPoint store.